OPA United Workshops for the Environment

Imagine a single group in which design, engineering and construction coexist...

OPA Tech

Electrical engineering

OPA Tech

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Renewable energies

OPA Engineering

Eletrical systems

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OPA Solution

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OPA is a multidisciplinary group of companies operating in the architectural and engineering design sector, offering a complete range of services.

From the initial concept to its complete realization, combining executive ability with specific specialization in the field of renewable energy.

About us

We firmly believe that the union of diversified skills is the key to excel and transform our clients’ visions into tangible realities, with a constant eye on energy efficiency and environmental impact.

OPA United   Three macro areas, one system!


Thanks to the constant updating of skills and interdisciplinary planning, OPA is committed to shaping a tailor-made future for each client.


This is a fundamental pillar that is integrated right from the early stages of the project, guaranteeing innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.

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