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OPA and the environment

OPA United is actively engaged in promoting the transition to a sustainable future and has chosen the photovoltaic system design as a strategic focus. We work to develop cutting-edge solar energy technologies and our aim is to optimise efficiency and reduce the impact on the environment. Our strategic direction focuses on providing renewable energy solutions and help customers drastically reduce CO2 emissions and show our commitment with an environmentally sustainable design.


Sustainable design

We create spaces that not only meet aesthetic needs, but are also functional and sustainable. This includes optimising the use of natural light, the effectiveness of thermal insulation and the use of efficient heating and cooling systems to reduce energy consumption. Our aim is to reduce the environmental impact of buildings while improving the quality of life for residents.


Sustainable materials

OPA committed itself to carry out environmental impact assessments that bring forward and measure the physical, ecological and social effects of its projects and their options. This includes the analysis of environmental compatibility and the implementation of mitigation and compensation measures during the construction and facilities management.


Renewable energy

We invest in the use of renewable energy sources such as sun, wind and water to offer sustainable alternatives that minimise pollution and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.


Building physics and environmental monitoring

OPA uses an advanced software to create virtual models to assess energy efficiency, natural lighting and air dynamics through the analysis of the internal and external physical processes of the buildings. These analyses are of high importance for cost-benefit calculations in new constructions and renovations. Environmental monitoring ensures that any meaningful impacts of buildings are monitored and enable timely corrective actions.


Energy communities

An energy community is an association of citizens, businesses and local authorities who work together to produce, distribute and consume renewable energy locally. These communities promote sustainably managed energy through a new and decentralised energy model.


Digital agriculture

OPA is committed to digital agriculture and uses the most advanced technologies to make the entire production cycle more efficient, sustainable and competitive : from sowing to distribution.



Agri-voltaics simultaneously uses agricultural land and solar energy generation, combines crop and animal protection with renewable energy production.



The agrisolar decree supports investments in photovoltaic systems on agricultural, livestock and agro-industrial buildings to promote energy efficiency and animal welfare without any impact on land use. OPA have an active role in several already funded projects.


Improving energy efficiency

OPA reduces the need for frequent intervention over the field thanks to the use of drones to crop surveying, reduce the fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with the use of traditional agricultural machinery.


Industry 5.0

OPA’s Industry 5.0 combines the technological innovation with human-machine cooperation to create tailor-made products that meet consumer needs while respecting the environment. This advanced industry model aims to overcome the problems left unresolved by the fourth industrial revolution, such as inequality and pollution, and suggests a cultural revolution that joins industry with the contemporary context.


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