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A company specialised in the drafting of architectural and construction plans, mainly in the interior and furniture fields, qualified to give support to projects of any size, level and complexity. OPA Solution has also a deep experience in the luxury and contract sectors and offers a mainly technical support, from the development of the preliminary project to the engineering of any single element of each product or desired environment.

OPA Solution has constantly increased its technical skills, especially those about buildings and whole areas survey, which includes three-dimensional graphic rendering with 3D laser scanners, photogrammetric surveying and LiDAR/drone technology.

The technical service for interior design consists of several phases and it starts with a consultation service to understand the customer’s needs, followed by a thorough research on design trends and conceptual design. We develop 2D and 3D drawings to translate ideas into detailed drawings and realistic renders and we select carefully the materials and finishes. OPA provides a complete technical documentation and cooperates with other professionals to ensure the feasibility of the project.

For the companies that operate in the same sector, OPA Solution offers a specific service for the physical production of the design projects. This includes design analysis, technical data processing, product engineering, prototyping, production planning and quality control. The services offered by OPA Solution aim to make sure that interior projects are carried out with precision, conformity and quality, both for individual customers and for companies within the same sector.


Hotel Astoria – Innsbruck
Hotel Sacher – Salzburg
Hotel Sacher – Vienna
Private Villa – Dubai
Restaurant – Riyadh
Private Penthouse – Mosca
Lounge Hotel Sacher – Salzburg
Hotel Bristol – Wien
Hotel Goldener Hirsch – Salzburg
Private House – New York
Hotel Salata – Doha
Private Villa – Saudi Arabia
Residence Ambassade – Geneve
Hotel La Samaritaine – Paris
Hotel Four Seasons – Bahrain
Private House – Southampton
Hotel Imperial – Wienn
Private House – Paris
Hotel Cheval Blanc – Courchevel
Hotel Baur Au Lac – Zurich
Hotel Four Season – New York
Hotel de Crillon – Paris
Restaurant Le Taillevent – Paris
Private Chalet – Courchevel
Hotel The Ritz Carlton – Bahrain
Boutique Hotel Peninsula – Paris
Hotel Royal – Lyon
Restaurant Thiou – Paris
Lanvin Store – Miami
Restaurant Chez Francis – Paris
Hotel Astoria – Seefeld
Hotel Porto Piccolo – Sistiana
Hotel Four Season – London
Restaurant Marius et Janette – Paris
Hotel St. Regis – Rome
Hotel Savoy – London
Hotel de Paris – Monte Carlo
Hotel Cheval Blanc – St. Barth
The Grand Hotel – Amsterdam
Store Jade Signature – Miami
Hotel Cheval Blanc – Saint Tropez
Wetherby Gardens private House – London
Private Residence – Moscow
Private Villa – Doha
Hotel Langham – London
Store Billionaire – Johannesburg
Store Billionaire – Geneve
Private Villa – Saint Tropez
TSH hotel – Tolosa
Cruise Ship Cabins – Italy
Bar – Koln
Restaurant – Montecarlo
Shop Ray-Ban – Koln
Shop Ray-Ban – Trento
Show Room Electrolux Grandi Impianti – Pordenone
Shop Ray-Ban – London
Shop Ray-Ban – Frankfurt
Shop Ray-Ban – Marbella
Shop Ray-Ban – Zurich
Sheraton Hotel – Algeri
Ice cream shop – Bad Pyrmont
Hausbrandt Bar – Conegliano
Show Room Poltrone Frau – New York
Fondation Bettencourt Schueller – Paris
Shop Ray-Ban – Milan
Shop Oakley – Carnaby
Private Yacht Cabins – Marina di Carrara 
Luxury Shop – Zagabria
Private office – Milan
Shop Givenchy – Serravalle Village (IT)
Shop Givenchy – Noventa Village (IT)
TSH Belfiore Hotel – Florence
Boutique Cartier – Swiss Couvet
Samarkanda City Hotel – Samarcanda
Luxury Shop – Montebelluna
Private Residence – Nizza


Interior Design

OPA Solution cooperates with OPA Tech to enhance each space with elegance and functionality and provides a luxury interior design and customised furniture service by combining a design attitude to the sophisticated use of the latest technologies.


3D Surveys

We are specialised in 3D surveys and laser scanning and we offer detailed and precise depictions of spaces in order to achieve with the maximum accuracy in architectural design and customisation in the luxury sector.


Executive Design

We prepare the layouts, the perspective drawings, the construction details in order to develop the ideas and concepts made by our in-house design team or by external design studios. It may include technical drawings, material information, manufacturing tolerances and instructions.


3D Modelling

We offer 3D modelling and rendering services, detailed and photorealistic representations of exterior, interior design projects, using advanced techniques to define and show every feature of the final product.


2D visualisations

We prepare layouts, elevations, and construction details to develop ideas made by our in-house design team or by external design studios. It may include technical drawings, material information, manufacturing tolerances and instructions.


Project Management

OPA Solution designs and has the necessary skills to be the project manager and take care of the start, the planning, the supplier relationships, execution and control of a project.


Photogrammetry and Lidar surveys

Photogrammetry and Lidar surveys are essential tools to take detailed and accurate geospatial useful data for a wide range of applications, from environmental science to urban planning and land management.


Multispectral and thermal monitoring

The multispectral and thermal monitoring with drones provides a detailed, real-time view of the soil conditions and enables timely and targeted interventions.

Areas of intervention

Interior Design

3D Surveys and  Laser Scanner

3D Design

Photogrammetry for Agriculture 4.0

Design service for companies and contracts

3D modelling and rendering

Engineering and production executives

Photogrammetric and Lidar surveys

Multispectral and thermal monitoring

Executive Design






Expertise From conceptualisation to implementation, each project results from a process that matches between leading edge technologies and tailored solutions.

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