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Our company consists of a group of architects and engineers, who work in the field of civil and industrial construction and focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy. Their different skills blend together to bring a wide-ranging design, including the electric power sector.

OPA Tech creates projects that always take into account the long-term impact on the environment. The OPA Tech team is able to select the most advantageous technical and economic solutions for its customers, thanks to the cooperation with different companies, the great knowledge of the life cycle assessment of processes and ongoing assessment of project feasibility.


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OPA Tech is specialized in architectural, urban planning, landscape and environmental design; we provide a full consultancy with a sustainable approach, focused on the harmony between the built-up environment and where it is placed.


Elettrical Engineering

OPA Tech has specialised in plant design for commercial, industrial and residential sectors. It also offers the latest photovoltaic systems and customised solutions for special installations, match infrastructure projects for e-mobility and hydropower.


Environmental consulting

Thanks to our considerable scientific and technical expertise, we prepare detailed environmental impact assessments. Our experience in Building Physics allows us to make best use of the comfort and energy efficiency of buildings make best use of the comfort and energy efficiency of buildings, as we combine principles of sustainability and technological innovation from the design phase.


Construction Management
Project Management

OPA TECH, due to various skills and knowledge gained over the time, also fulfils the role of construction Manager / Project Managerfor its own sites and others by cooperating and supervising the execution of an architectural and/or engineering project. We follow the overall management of the entire process: technical, organisational, accounting and administrative activities.

Areas of intervention


Architectural Design

Urban Design

Landscape Design

Environmental Design


Construction Management

Project management

Building retrofitting


Electrical Engineering

Electrical installations for the commercial, industrial, residential sectors

Photovoltaic systems

Special installations


Renewable sources

O&M Services


Virtual control room for PV monitoring


Environmental Consulting

Environmental impact assessments

Energy efficiency audits

Building Physics

Technologies From conceptualisation to implementation, each project results from a collaboration process between leading edge technologies and tailored solutions.

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